Why shows my Weather section zeros and a smiley!

In the case that the Weather section shows zeros and a smiley, then there is no valid and/or actual weather present in the database.

If you experiencing this problem, please check the following;

  1. Did you create a Communication item in Admin::Communication?
  2. Did you create a Weather device in Admin::Devices?
  3. Did you connect the Communication item to the Device in Admin::devices::YourWeatherDevice?
  4. Test the Communication Item and Device. Go to Admin::Communication::YourWeaterCommunicationItem and test the settings. It could take several minutes to process the test. After processing the test should return a “Success”.

What to do when the test results are “failed”?
Verify that the URI field of the WeatherCommunicationItem contains the following url:

Do you still have problems?
Please come to our WebSolarLog Support Group

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