I lost my Admin password, how could i reset it?

WSL uses a database for data storage.

The admin password is stored in the wsl.sdb database, table “config”, field “adminpasswd”.
Here are the steps to reset the admin password of your WebSolarLog;
install the sqlite3 package, so you could connect to the database;
sudo apt-get install sqlite3
Please try the following on the console;
sudo sqlite3 /path/to/websolarlog/database/wsl.sdb
and run the following query;
update config set adminpasswd = “d033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997″;
and to exit the SQLite3 tool;

The admin password is now reset to default: admin

Now you could login to the admin.
Please note the security warning about the default password and change the admin password!

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