Howto update WebSolarLog?

WebSolarLog comes with a 2 (maybe 4) clicks update function.

Go to Admin::Update and click(1) on the version you want to update to and click(2) on the update button. The background process will then download the new source and extract it to the filesystem.

Its also possible to update to a unsupported Alpha/Beta or Trunk release. Go on the right side of the screen on the button “I understand and want to see the update options!” and click(1) on it, WebSolarLog will show you the possible update tags available, click(2) on one of the tags and WebSolarLog will show the possible version to update to, choice one version by clicking(3) it and after that click(4) on the update button.

The update will take a few minutes and will run in the background so you could leave the pages without disturbing the update process.

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