Announcement: WebSolarLog troubles in combination with SMAspot

The last days we heard from users that they have troubles with Websolarlog in combination with SMAspot.We investigated a few of these issues and our conclusion is;
WebSolarLog is not compatible with other versions then SMAspot 2.0.4We strongly advice all WebSolarLog users with SMAspot to only use “SMAspot 2.0.4” until we have solved this issue.

At the moment we work, with the SMAspot developers, on a SMAspot version which is fully compatible with WebSolarLog for now and the future.

We apologize for this issue and hope to solve it soon.

Support for SMA Sunny Boy BlueTooth

Today we added full support for the SMA Sunny Boy BlueTooth solar inverters.
This means that WebSolarLog can log the Sunny Boy inverters with a BlueTooth connection.

The connection with the inverter is made by SMA-spot version 2.0.4 only.
Follow the installation guide of SMA-spot and add the Full path of SMA-spot to the WebSolarLog admin in the Advanced tab and WSL now logs your SMA BlueTooth inverter.

We have tested the WebSolarLog SMA blueTooth support with the following inverters:

  • SMA SB3000-TL21
  • SMA SB2000-HF30
  • SMA SB2500-TLST-21

Supported Solar Inverters

WebSolarLog is a web based online solar logger that supports a wide range of solar inverters. We can support these devices because of third party software that connects WebSolarLog to the inverter. There for we would like to thank all of the programmers who made all these wonderful library!

We now support the following brands and types:


  • All Sunny Boy inverters with support for RS485
  • All Sunny Boy inverters with BlueTooth support.


  • All the Aurora Uno inverters with support for RS485
  • All the Aurora PVI inverters with support for RS485
  • All the Aurora Trio inverters with support for RS485


  • All the PLATINUM® H serie inverters  with support for Ethernet


  • All Kostal Piko inverters with support for Ethernet

If you have any questions, suggestions or what so ever regarding this post, feel free to post on our google support forum: