New stable release of WebSolarLog (version 1.1.0)


Today we “released” version 1.1.0 of WebSolarLog.

Under the hood this version is the last trunk release (which we think is/was very stable) with 2 small changes in the Live api call.

These change don’t effect the core of WebSolarLog so we though that we could add them.
Howto update;
  • Login to your admin
  • Go to Update
  • Here you will see the new version 1.1.0
  • Click the radio button of this release
  • Click update
  • Wait a few minutes and your WebSolarLog is on the new stable version.

You also could download the full release on SourceForge;!topic/websolarlog/mT7LyCPHEZs

Raspbian + WSL image 2013-05-2013

Today I have created a new image off raspbian with WSL added.

What is changed?

  • The pi home folder contains a symlink to the nginx folder
  • Updated websolarlog to the latest trunk (build 928)
  • Raspbian almost to the latest version (please do an apt-get update to get the altest)
  • Removed lots off unused files (around 600mb of files)
  • Installed an init script so WSL start after restarting the rpi

Please give any comments in de the google forums.

(Want to upgrade the old image? Information on the second page.)

After installation of the image, please run the following commands;

  1. sudo chown www-data:www-data /usr/share/nginx/www/websolarlog/
  2. sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/share/nginx/www/websolarlog/
Rasberry Pi WebSolarLog Trunk 20130531 (304.0 MiB, 3492 downloads)


Planned support for Effekta solar inverters

Currently we are working on the support for the Effekta ES solar inverter series.

We hope to support the following inverters:

  • ES2200 – 2000watt
  • ES3300 – 3000watt
  • ES4200 – 4000watt
  • ES5000 – 5000watt
  • ES 5000 – 2000Watt – 2 MPPT
  • ES 5000 – 3000Watt – 2 MPPT

The support for the Effekta will be added in version 1.1 and we hope to release this version soon. With this release it is possible to log your Effekta inverter with WebSolarLog and it gives you a very powerfull online webbased solar logger.

If you have any questions, suggestions or what so ever regarding this post, feel free to post on our google support forum:

The first Stable Release of WebSolarLog

Yesterday we released the first Stable-release of WebSolarLog with release number: stable-release-1.0.0 (build 571)

WebSolarLog is a logger for your Solar/PV installation and can log a lot of inverters.

It can be downloaded fromSourceforge or Update your current installation with the WSL-update in the admin.

This release is compatible with 3 inverter brands:

Also it can log the DutchSmartMeter (SlimmeMeter) with a P1 connection.
This release can output to:

Hope you enjoy this version, we are already working on new stable release: version 1.1


If you have any questions, suggestions or what so ever regarding this post, feel free to post on our google support forum: