Raspbian + WSL image 2013-05-2013

Today I have created a new image off raspbian with WSL added.

What is changed?

  • The pi home folder contains a symlink to the nginx folder
  • Updated websolarlog to the latest trunk (build 928)
  • Raspbian almost to the latest version (please do an apt-get update to get the altest)
  • Removed lots off unused files (around 600mb of files)
  • Installed an init script so WSL start after restarting the rpi

Please give any comments in de the google forums.

(Want to upgrade the old image? Information on the second page.)

After installation of the image, please run the following commands;

  1. sudo chown www-data:www-data /usr/share/nginx/www/websolarlog/
  2. sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/share/nginx/www/websolarlog/
Rasberry Pi WebSolarLog Trunk 20130531 (304.0 MiB, 3492 downloads)


Hardware specifications

The design of WebSolarLog makes it possible to run WebSolarLog on a low-costs and low-power device.

We recommend the following minimal specs:

  • processor: 800MHz
  • memory: 256MB
  • diskspace: 2GB

WebSolarLog is successfully tested on the following devices:

Energy consumption of the RaspberryPi:
The RaspberryPi is a very low powered ARM device and consumes around the 4 – 4,5W.
We did a endurance test of a couple of day with the following setup:

The RaspberryPi can be powered by a USB-port. So we connected the USB-HUB to the grid and connected the RaspberryPi to one of the USB-ports of the HUB. The WiFi-dongle and RS485 converter were connected to the HUB. This setup consumed 130W a day, what gives it a average of 5,4W a hour. This setup consumes a whopping 47kWh a year, for this you have a fully functional Webbased Solar Logger.


If you have any questions, suggestions or what so ever regarding this post, feel free to post on our google support forum: