Howto configure Devices and Communication items

WebSolarLog uses Devices and Communication items to contact and communicate with the connected devices.

First you need to creat a communication item in Admin::Communication.
Here you give the item a name and fillout the URI.

Here are some examples for the URI:
Weather device: 
This is the url to the OpenWeatherMap API

Inverter device example:
/home/pi/aurora-1.8.3/aurora -l5 -M5 /dev/ttyUSB0
This is the path to the location where Aurora is installed including the timeout, max-runtime parameters and the path to the USB-RS485 converter.

Another example for SBFSpot;
For specific parameter and info/help check the manual of the scripts/program you use.

In all cases WebSolarLog adds the nessesary parameters to the uri.

After that you need to save the item and create a Device in Admin::Devices.

Here you choose which device you want to use and configure it to use the previouse created Communication Item.

Now you could test the config in Admin::Communication, select the Communication item and which device to use and hit “Start Test”.