Data importer for 123solar

Very often we get the question;
I want to use WebSolarLog, but how could i migrate my data?

Based on user input we already introduced the data-importer for 123aurora and now we also made a importer for 123solar.

The data migration tools can be found in the utils folder of WebSolarLog;
/utils/importer.php (for 123aurora)
/utils/importerV2.php (for 123solar)

We also have plans to create a importer for SMAspot, we have no release date for this importer.

Log your Kostal Piko Solar Inverter

WebSolarLog is a PV logger and compatible with almost every Kostal Piko inverter that has an Ethernet connection.

We tested the logger with the following Kostal inverters:

  • Kostal Piko 3.0 (1 phase)
  • Kostal Piko 4.2 (3 phase)
  • Kostal Piko 5.5 (3 phase)
  • Kostal Piko 7.0 (3 phase)
  • Kostal Piko 8.3 (3 phase)
  • Kostal Piko 10.1 (3 phase)

Based on our test results, we can say that WebSolarLog probably work on all Kostal inverters with an Ethernet connection.

If your solar inverter is not in the list above, and you have succesfully tested your Kostal inverter with WebSolarLog, we would appreciate a comment. We then add your Kostal type to the list with tested devices.

If you have any questions, suggestions or what so ever regarding this post, feel free to post on our google support forum: