Raspbian image with WebSolarLog included

We frequently get the question from people;
Do you have a pre- installed/configured image with WebSolarLog?

And we always need to answer that with:
No we don’t have that.

Until now….

We are working on a pre- installed/configure image based on Raspbian and the recently published manual and hope to release it very soon!

The image is based Raspbian (2013-02-09-wheezy-raspbian.zip released at RaspberryPi.org) and WebSolarLog (at the moment of backing the image) build.

The image is designed for the RasperryPi 512MB model and can also be used on the 256MB model. The size of the image is 4GB (probably also for 2gb, needs testing) and can be extented with the raspi-config tool.

The image contains the following:

Be aware that the above supported inverters need some extra programs. These are not installed unless we have native support for it.

We choose these packages because of their lack for hunger on CPU and Memory resources.

The download is approximately 660MB big and you could download it from our servers.


Rasberry Pi WebSolarLog Trunk 20130508 (629.5 MiB, 1835 downloads)