Planned support for Effekta solar inverters

Currently we are working on the support for the Effekta ES solar inverter series.

We hope to support the following inverters:

  • ES2200 – 2000watt
  • ES3300 – 3000watt
  • ES4200 – 4000watt
  • ES5000 – 5000watt
  • ES 5000 – 2000Watt – 2 MPPT
  • ES 5000 – 3000Watt – 2 MPPT

The support for the Effekta will be added in version 1.1 and we hope to release this version soon. With this release it is possible to log your Effekta inverter with WebSolarLog and it gives you a very powerfull online webbased solar logger.

If you have any questions, suggestions or what so ever regarding this post, feel free to post on our google support forum: