Hardware specifications

The design of WebSolarLog makes it possible to run WebSolarLog on a low-costs and low-power device.

We recommend the following minimal specs:

  • processor: 800MHz
  • memory: 256MB
  • diskspace: 2GB

WebSolarLog is successfully tested on the following devices:

Energy consumption of the RaspberryPi:
The RaspberryPi is a very low powered ARM device and consumes around the 4 – 4,5W.
We did a endurance test of a couple of day with the following setup:

The RaspberryPi can be powered by a USB-port. So we connected the USB-HUB to the grid and connected the RaspberryPi to one of the USB-ports of the HUB. The WiFi-dongle and RS485 converter were connected to the HUB. This setup consumed 130W a day, what gives it a average of 5,4W a hour. This setup consumes a whopping 47kWh a year, for this you have a fully functional Webbased Solar Logger.


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